The Path of the Sun

The Explorer's Passage
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In 1975, a young dreamer named Alfredo Ferreyros had a vision. He would deliver to the entire world the lost history of Peru; its mysterious civilizations, its seemingly impossible architectural phenomena and its awe-inspiring yet delicate ecosystem and ecology.

Join Alfredo Ferreyros, the ‘Father of the Inca Trail’, on this special journey as he guides you through his heroic journey to become the most ardent fighter for the protection, conservation and preservation of one of our world’s greatest treasures.

Intimate Trekking Experience
Our guests get to trek on some of the special sections of the Inca Trail, staying away from the crowds and allowing us to take our time and enjoy the trail without distraction. This allows us to be at different points of the trail throughout the day resulting in seeing fewer people along the way.

Extraordinary Accommodations
For your nights off the trail, relax in the comfort and luxury of our 4 and 5 Star Premium accommodations – featuring some of the finest resorts in Peru.

Trip Itinerary

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Day 1 / 6

DAY 1:

Enjoy a warm welcome to Cusco, the ancient capital city of the Inca, as the excitement builds for the beginning of your adventure.

Day 2 / 6

DAY 2:

Enjoy an afternoon exploring the city on a guided walk to discover the sights, sounds and tastes of this lofty UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site.

Day 3 / 6

DAY 3:

Mystical mountains and the roaring  Urubamba River add to the splendor as you explore the many ruins preserved along the way before settling into camp for your first night searching the sky for the Southern Cross.

Day 4 / 6

DAY 4:

Our trek continues along the Inca Trail passing through the small village of Huayllabamba before following the trail up a steady climb to our campsite this evening in a large Pampa. Sip coca tea as you enjoy expansive views of Mt. Huayanay and the sacred valley stretching below.

Day 5 / 6

DAY 5:

Our journey continues as we follow the natural contour of the terrain and the original Inca Trail over passes through spectacular ruins before settling into another night of rest and awe-inspiring vistas.

Day 6 / 6

DAY 6:

A day begins with a steep descent back to the sights and sounds of the lower elevations before finally reaching the Sun Gate and your hard-earned vantage point of the world wonder of Machu Picchu.


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