Rafting the Marañón River — A Video Adventure


Sure, the sheer beauty of the Marañon River is spectacular, but the real draw of a guided expedition down the river is the people.

This is the experience shared by YouTube contributer, “D_Wilde 19,” in this short video, “River Wild,” which he narrates.

The video is full of dramatic, aerial drone footage of the Marañon Valley. We see the river in many different stages, from calm and placid, to roaring with whitewater shooting over unforgiving rapids.

In the video, we see river guides from Marañon Experience, D_Wilde 19’s fellow travelers and the people of the indigenous communities along the way. There are soccer games with local children, welcome signs and beachside campfires. The camera becomes an unblinking means of storytelling, and as the narrator says, at that point, it meant more to him that it ever had. It is through the different cultures and experiences all these people carry, says the narrator, that we learn from one another, and grow as people.

The narrator also shares the challenges of such a remote and unscrubbed adventure—bug bites, cactus needles, scorpions in your bag—and how overcoming such obstacles adds to the permanence of the adventure, not to mention the development of character. This is right in line with the kind of people he has met on his adventure, “the kind of people who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, and do big things in their lives,” he says.

D_Wilde 19 wraps up the video on a philosophical, if somewhat mysterious, note. Taking this Marañon River adventure, he explains, has helped him determine the story he is now going to tell others. He doesn’t give us any indication of what that story might be, but with such a rich source of Peruvian inspiration, we’re confident it will be worth hearing. Watch the video.