Luxury Travel in Peru – The Abercrombie & Kent Way

Abercrombie & Kent is recognized as one of today’s most accomplished tour operators. A&K journeys touch all seven continents, yet the company stresses it’s not just about where you go — it’s also how you get there. As such, A&K travelers move in comfort and style, while never sacrificing authenticity.

In Peru, A&K gives its guests the chance to catch the sun rising over Huayna Picchu as the morning mist parts to reveal Machu Picchu. Then, they explore the pre-Columbian fortress and other sites in the Sacred Valley with a former resident archaeologist. The trips are spiced with the opportunity to witness indigenous rituals and meet Andean artisans. On select A&K Peru and Machu Picchu trips, you may even travel aboard the elegant Hiram Bingham train.

Beyond Machu Picchu, A&K offers an incredible array of Peruvian travel experiences. Take in the colonial grandeur of Lima as you tour historic cathedrals and privately dine in a centuries-old mansion. Venture into the Amazon and its winding river systems on board ‘Aria.’ Delve into the less-frequented southern region of the country and discover the breathtaking beauty of Colca Canyon, said to be twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

You can feel good about traveling with A&K because of the company’s commitment to supporting the communities it visits through Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy. You can read more about this non-profit organization here, and learn about its support of the Children of The Rainbow School in Peru here.

Luxury travel with a small group of like-minded adventurers—if the A&K style of travel sounds appealing to you, be sure to check out the trip below.