Rhythms of Peru – A Video That Really Gets Around

Rhythms of Peru has everything you might expect in a video about Peru, and quite a few things you might not.

To be expected, the six-minute video–which has no narration, only music—showcases Machu Picchu, the Moray terraces, the Nazca lines, Lima, Cusco and lots of llamas.

What you may find surprising, however, are the appearances of pelicans, pigeons, dancing horses, racing horses, bartenders and breakdancers. And people—plenty of Peruvian people.

Rhythms of Peru is directed by Nathaniel Connella, and can be found on the Outside website. Or, you can just see below.

Be warned, however. Viewing of this video may inspire you to plan your visit to Peru. In that case, you should definitely check out the discounted trips below.