Bon Appetit goes to MIL

No one accidentally wanders into Mil. One of Peru’s—and the
world’s—most renowned restaurants is about as inaccessible as it is innovative.

Mil is perched high in the Andes (almost 12,000 feet), and is a 90-minute drive from Cusco. It’s located near the Moray Terraces, one of the Incas’ most impressive achievements.

So the big question is, is it worth it? All the time, travel and expense for a lunch? We’ll let Alex Beggs answer that. In a recent article in Bon Appetit, “Where Potatoes Pass from the Ice to the Sun,” Beggs goes into great detail surrounding his visit to Mil.

Beggs introduces us to Virgilio Martinez, Mil’s world-renowned chef and owner. We learn how Martinez was inspired by the Andes, and the philosophy behind Mil’s innovative, eco-system-based, menu. We also meet Martinez’s sister, Malena, who runs Mater Iniciativa, a food research center that is part of the restaurant’s premises. And, of course, there’s the “potato whisperer.”

There’s a good chance this article will whet your appetite for a visit to Peru. To satisfy that craving, be sure to check out the discounted trips below.

All photos by Jake Lindman