The Toy That May or May Not Give You Nightmares

Do you suffer from pediophobia? If you don’t now, you might after visiting the Museo del Juguete (Toy Museum) in Trujillo.

Cases of pediophobia —the fear of dolls—may develop after spending time with the museum’s doll collection, which…well, is a little on the dark side.

But there’s more to the Toy Museum than nightmare-inducing dolls. Though it’s somewhat small (only four rooms), the museum hosts a wide array of toys from around the world. This includes a formidable lead soldier set, and a rare collection of toys that date back to pre-Incan times. There are ancient toys from the Chimu and Chancay civilizations, as well as a whistle from the Viru civilization that is estimated to have been around since 200 BC.

The Museo del Juguete is a short walk from Trujillo’s main square (Plaza de Armas), and is open daily except Tuesdays. There’s an inviting café on the building’s first floor.

The best way to conquer your fear of dolls (assuming you ever had such an affliction) is to face it head-on with a trip to Trujillo. Check out the trips below, and you could be on your way to a pediophobia-free future.