Martin Morales Heads for the Mountains

Martin Morales is an interesting guy.

He once served as the head of iTunes Pan EU, was a senior executive at EMI and Disney, launched the European careers of Miley Cyrus, and has given a TED talk. He owns a music label and an art gallery, and runs a charity in Peru. And he knows how to cook.

The Peru native today runs Ceviche Family, a group of six award-winning Peruvian restaurants in London. In his spare time (haha—good one), he writes books about Peruvian cuisine. His first book, CEVICHE, was published in 2013, and is brimming with recipes for the eponymous dish, as well as other Peruvian favorites.

Morales has recently published a second Peruvian cookbook, ANDINA, in which he claims that the true soul of Peruvian cuisine has its origins not along the Pacific coast, but high in the Andes Mountains.

The online food authority, The Splendid Table, recently interviewed Morales about ANDINA, and why he believes the Andean culinary traditions that have been carried on for centuries represent the essence of Peruvian food. Morales also reveals why he had to leave Peru, and what it is that always brings him back. Read the interview.

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