To Raise a Village, It Takes Wings

The village of Mullak’as – Misminay is home to about 300 people. Located an hour and fifteen minutes from the city of Cusco in the heart of the Sacred Valley, the village has the distinction of being the site of the first project undertaken by Wings, Condor Travel’s non-profit organization.

Created in 2007, Wings promotes sustainable tourism in the many destinations in which Condor Travel operates. The name was chosen to reflect the notion of giving “wings” to communities so that they can rise up, and benefit from the tourism industry that is happening all around them. Of course, the group benefits travelers, as well, giving them the opportunity to have an authentic connection with the people who live in the areas they visit.

In Mullak’as – Misminay, Wings has introduced training programs for community members on farming, textile production and customer service techniques. Condor Travel is also financing the construction of additional rooms for households in which community members have been trained to welcome international travelers.

Today, travelers can share in the daily activities of Mullaka’s Misminay villagers, such as helping with farm chores and the herding of animals, learning about knitting and weaving techniques and gaining and insight into traditional healing techniques with the use of endemic plants. You can also learn some rudimentary Quechua, the indigenous dialect; help with the making of adobe bricks; savor a traditional Pachamama feast; even learn about the Inca constellations while hearing traditional stories and listening to Andean music around a campfire.

There are ample volunteer opportunities around Mullak’as – Misminay, as well. Wings can help you connect you with projects in home and building improvement, planting and gardening and more.

Thanks to the seed money Wings invested in Mullak’as – Misminay in 2007, the village became self-sufficient in 2013 and started seeing visitors arrive, going from a little under 750/year to over 4,000 visitors per year today.

While all this work is admirable, Wing’s most significant contribution to the village of Mullak’as – Misminay is a water purification project. You can read all about that here.