It’s Bogo with a Twist

You know all about BOGO, right? The Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) tactic is fairly common in today’s retail environment. Now travel company, Elevate Destinations, has applied BOGO to travel, but with a twist.

Every time you buy a trip from Elevate Destinations, they give a trip back to kids in that destination.

Elevate Destinations partners with local NGOs and in-country travel suppliers to create outings for youth groups that otherwise would have no way of seeing some of their country’s most iconic sites. For example, when you use Elevate Destinations to book your trip to Peru, they arrange for a group of kids from an Andean village to do something they never would have been able to do otherwise–visit Machu Picchu.

The company developed its BOGO program because it believes that experiences hold great power to change lives and create impact. The goal of the program is to help local youth to understand the society they live in and access new horizons. Not surprisingly, these visits receive rave reviews from their young participants.

In 2018, Elevate Destinations was awarded the Hearts of Travel Award in recognition of its innovative BOGO program. This award, presented by Tourism Cares, is given for leadership in using business as a force for good.

Elevate Destinations offers a wide spectrum of trips to Peru. Most offer some sort of volunteering opportunity for travelers, but all of them help contribute to the Buy-One-Give-One program, helping to spread the joy of travel to a new generation.

If you’d like to travel with Elevate Destinations to Peru, please check out this trip here.