The ABC’s of Family Travel

Bring the family! It’s something you may expect to hear when the occasion is a neighborhood picnic, but not necessarily something you consider for international travel. Well, it may be time to rethink that.

Family travel is a great way of creating powerful family memories, and 69% of all travelers agree with the statement, “I prefer to focus on making memories rather than acquiring more things.*” And family travel seems to be a powerful memory generator, with 82% of travelers saying, “the memories I get from my vacations make the trip worth it.*”

There are additional benefits, as well. According to a 2017 survey by the Family Travel Association, the two chief motivators that parents have for family travel are,  “To have my children discover new places and have new experiences,” and to “enhance the bonds between family members.”

So how to you make sure your family travel is a success? Well, it all starts with planning—specifically, involving the whole family in the planning. You can choose a tour operator that offers itineraries specially designed for families—REI, for example, offers numerous family trips, including some to Peru. Gut even if you decide to map out your own trip, make sure the kids have a say.

Also, look for a destination with plenty of outdoor activity, such as hiking, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, etc. Obviously, you want to make sure your kids either already enjoy, or will be amenable to trying these activities.

In terms of accommodations, don’t jump around too much. Try to stay at each hotel for at least two nights. Nothing dials up childhood crankiness like the fatigue that can come from constant packing and repacking.

There is a seemingly endless array of activities perfect for family travel in Peru. From wildlife spotting in the Amazon rainforest, to catching waves on the Pacific coast, exploring Lima’s colorful markets, trekking the Andes and visiting the legendary Machu Picchu, Peru has plenty of ways to help build family memories.

If family travel in Peru sounds good to you, check out the trips below.

*Source: MMGY