An American (Eats) in Peru

Madeline Quigley believes one of the best ways to get the real feel of a destination is through trying local foods. So when the Pittsburgh-based travel blogger (The Gal-Ivanter) recently visited Peru, she literally had her plate full.

In this article, Quigley identifies 20 foods any visitor to Peru must try. These foods run the gamut from an elegant bowl of ceviche, to street vendor favorites, to vegetable donuts—oh, and bread—lots of bread. Quigley has even included links to recipes of some of the dishes.

One warning; the article is chock full of beautiful, mouth-watering photography, so it’s best not to read on an empty stomach. Read the article.

Of course, it’s far more satisfying to savor Peruvian cuisine than to read about it. Check out the discounted trips below that can help your taste buds find true happiness.