Take a 4×4 Journey to Huancaya

The journey to Huancaya requires 4×4 vehicles. And once you launch on this three-day journey from Lima Tours, you’ll understand why.

From Lima, you will travel from the Peruvian coastal desert to the highlands, to reach Huancaya (11,600 feet above sea level), one of the most beautiful natural refuges in all of Peru.

Located within the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve, this area holds one of the most fascinating high Andean landscapes in the country, with numerous waterfalls and emerald lagoons formed by the headwaters of the Cañete River. It’s home to typical Andean flora and fauna, including Andean foxes, vicuñas, Andean ducks and herons. A perfect place to rest, relax and get in touch with nature just a few hours away from the city of Lima.

The first stop on this Andean adventure happens at mile 62 of the Pan-American highway, in the valley of the district of Asia. Here you’ll explore Huaca Malena, a ceremonial center developed between 700-1100 AD, where funerary bales of pre-Inca cultures have been found. The trip continues with an up and down high-speed ride through the dunes of Asia.

The tour follows through the provinces of Cañete and Lunahuaná and finally arrives at Huancaya. After lunch, take some time to acclimatize while enjoying the amazing view. Dinner is served at the hotel.

During the second day, after breakfast, start the exciting full day tour of exploring the Huancaya reserve. Learn about the attractions of this natural refuge on an off-road route through the districts of Vilca, Tanta and the majestic Pariacaca snow-capped mountain, which rise to a height of 18,800 feet above sea level. Also, contemplate the surrounding areas where you can appreciate the region´s typical vegetation and geography. Enjoy a picnic en route surrounded by nature and the calm currents of water of the reserve before returning to your hotel in Huancaya.

During the final day on site, visit the neighboring district of Laraos, a place with a vast history that dates back to pre-Inca times, and which a farmer community currently inhabits. Visit the Inca terraces, which show the presence of the Empire on this location, and that remain in use to this day.

The terraces are a great example of the traditional agricultural knowledge that has been passed down for generations. After this visit, you’ll continue to travel the narrow, dusty roads, this time, heading back to Lima where the trip ends, and the memories of this one-of-a-kind Andean begin.