Meet the Chefs – Peru Restaurant Week

As any international foodie will tell you, Peruvian cuisine is taking the world by storm. Now here’s your chance to get in on the excitement.

October 8-19 will be Peru Restaurant Week in New York City. (We know, that’s more than a week, but there’s a lot of good food to try.) Visit any of the participating restaurants during Peru Restaurant Week, and get great deals on Peruvian dishes and libations.

Check out the participating chefs below and get hungry.

: This Lima native left the world of advertising to learn cooking, and open this West Village restaurant with an emphasis on nutrition and sustainability.

CHEF MIGUEL AGUILAR: Born in Lima to a family of exceptional cooks – his great grandfather introduced mussels to the Peruvian palate at the end of the 19th century – it is no surprise that Chef Miguel brings the passion, innovation, and artistry of his heritage to his cooking.

CHEF ALEJANDRO ROJAS: Chef Rojas opened this restaurant at the age of 25, but with a lifetime of experience under his belt. His father owns one of the oldest Peruvian restaurants in New York, Urubamba,

CHEF MARTIN & FERNANDO TISOC: Born in Cuzco, the Tisoc brothers are going to celebrate their first 20 years by making known the flavors of Peru’s cuisine at their Coco Roco restaurant.

CHEF CESAR GUTIERREZ: Cesar Gutierrez: Peruvian native Gutierrez has developed a menu that’s a unique blend of both traditional and innovative Peruvian cuisine,  specializing in ceviches, seafood and meats.

Don’t let the underwear model, dashing good looks and six-pack abs fool you, Chef Noriega comes from a family of Peruvian restauranteurs, and proves it with every plate.

CHEF FERNANDO APARICIO:  Chef Fernando Aparicio has over 12 years of experience in Latin & Peruvian cuisine. Overseeing dining of over 500 guests while managing a massive staff and kitchen. He keeps Pio Pio’s menu consistent while creating new dishes for special events.

CHEF JOSE LUIS CHAVEZ:  Results-oriented and award-winning, Chef Jose Luis Chavez has with a 3-year culinary degree and over 9 years of restaurant and management experience, specializes in Peruvian cuisine. He has just opened his second location of Mission Ceviche in the Canal Street Market.

CHEF MINA NEWMAN: Executive Chef, Mina Newman, is the creative force behind the restaurant Sen Sakana. Of Peruvian descent, Mina has long awaited the opportunity to present the cuisine of her heritage to New York diners, and it is with great pride that she finally does so.